Sunday, 21 August 2011

Introducing the new iWall2

Tech - Still lie in wait for an iPhone as I cannnot upgrade until February - sadface :( However, the iPhone5 should be out within 2 months. Everything seems to be happening next month to be honest - Gears3 is out as is its limited edition 320 GB console ( big happyface :D ) but I still cannot afford it. Fifa12 is out, another pointless venture in my opinion - equally pointless is the thought I've just had, an iWall with TV, surround sound, internet and music and it's basically a giant iPhone but can be used by the family in the living room - Could be ideal to have it in the shape of a giant Toblerone packet on its side for multi use - retailing from £1995 ... ?

NEW: App of the App Store this week - Call of Mini: Zombies - not only does it take the piss out of COD but it's got a great zombie killing sound track and an arsenal of weapons and characters to unlock. Just needs a graphics update to the 202nd decade that's all. (8/10)

(Just to explain that last sentence, Im a fan of gun games that do not take themselves seriously, I hate COD for this reason - Halo:Reach is better as a more fun but also serious(ish) gun game but Gears tops the lot. Blood. Gore. Bodies. Gnarly.)

NEW: Food - If Ben and Jerry's should ever wish to invent a Spongecake and Jam flavoured Ice Cream I would be more than happy to purchase. Im left disappointed thus far. Biscuit of the month is Lotus Caramelised Original.

NEW: Education - Students throw their generation in to the limelight again this week but for the good reasons. As grateful as I am for my results/place at Brunel, I would like to think everyone could have gone to university - maybe that's a far flung hope for the distant future.

Sport - F1 was won ages ago by Vettel. Nuff said. England won the cricket ages ago too. Hopefully this new PremierLeague season should be a bit better - 2 games in and Im saying Blackburn, Everton and Swansea for the drop. Maybe it'll be as close as it was last season ... :D

NEW: Music - Dubstep is still terrible. Fat of the Land is much better. Reading Fest is among us next weekend - highlights for me include The Midnight beast, Pulp and Muse - if I was going that is.

NEW: Motoring - Ferrari announce that they will never release an electric car ever, Eco Super Cars are just wrong anyway, so well done them. BMW on the other hand are very enthusiastic about eco.

NEW: Entertainment - Big Brother is back and is also as Dubstep as it was before.

NEW: Word of the week - Schism

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