Saturday, 17 September 2011

14 hours

Tech - If you were planning on going on holiday to America, you can check the level of crime in certain areas first - - you can not only see hotspots of crime but check what type of crime was committed too

NEW: Space - A NASA satellite is hurtling towards the Earth and they say it will fall somewhere between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south - THAT'S A BIG MARGIN FOR ERROR NASA!! FFS WORK IT OUT!!

NEW: Uni - Instead of struggling for fridge space in halls, take all the freezer space you can and fill it with cool boxes, then use half of them to cool your food in a medium sized container, when they melt replace them with the other half still in the freezer

Sport - Arsenal to finish outside Europe this season? AND HAYES DREW!!! :D

Food - Are you tired of in date biscuits? Do you crave something a little more grotesque? Well worry no more! A 104 year old biscuit is now up for auction! Only £1500 required - Available this fall!

NEW: Road Trip - 3 weeks across Britain taking the scenic route - more info. when this has been more thoroughly thought through ( haha funny few words :) )

NEW: Olympics - Gordon the Tramp of Bournemouth, aged 82 and known by his white beard and football scarf, has gained 18,000 fans on Facebook to carry the Olympic torch through the town - let's hope the Olympic commitee have a sense of humour!

Politics - Berlusconi has been bragging again! This time it was 11 prostitutes but more disturbingly 8 people have been charged with supplying him prostitutes - you can come to your own conclusions on this one ;)

Word of the week - Pretentious

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