Monday, 26 September 2011

2 and a badger of sparkle

NEW: Architecture - The first of many new innovations I hope - this building is planned to revolve at 6 meters a minute - I presume there's a lift in the middle but I seriously have no idea how this is going to work :P

Food - 24'' x 18'' square pizzas from Snappy Tomato Pizza in Hayes are the biggest pizzas Ive ever heard of! Are there any pizza places that could top that?

Economics - Im taking a caption from Have I Got News For You:!/photo.php?fbid=10150390439224314&set=a.10150390439209314.406434.13698744313&type=1&theater They sum up the current situation quite adequately, although admittedly I somehow didn't get the joke at first :/ Bad Dave ...

Tech - Taken from a while ago but still quite interesting - Origami Solar Panels - effectively 3D versions of the things on some roofs and they collect a lot more energy - most interesting of all is the fact it can look quite beautiful - a problem wind turbines have struggled with for many years

Motoring - One point for Vettel to be crowned a legend of F1 - thoroughly deserved too

Uni - A big shout out to all my lovely hallmates :D Thanks for the week of laughs so far :P

Word of the week - Freshers

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