Thursday, 8 September 2011

One More Than Stan

Tech - True invisibility is amongst us. Of vehicles atleast. As long as they are covered in the hexagonal plates they stole off The Resistance's album cover. Not only can the BAE systems' creation disguise itself from Infra Red but it can also make itself look like a completely different object all together. This will inevitably become the ultimate killing machine for that zombie apocalypse - Just as long as they put a silencer on the turret and the engine ...

Sport - Golf's still boring - Hope the international break isn't gonna ruin the PremierLeague's performance this week - has Vettel won F1 yet?

NEW: Social - Try slip the word 'Bemistrual' in to conversation randomly to make yourself seem more intelligent, see who plays along :)

6 a side - Top of the 2nd Division :D p.s let me know if anyone actually cares about this portion of the blog, I just think it should be celebrated that's all :)

Music - Listened to D.I.R.T. Lab Audio for the first time in months today :) Neurofunk at its dirtiest - Tiffin says Rise to Remain's debut album is a 7/10, just sayin' ...

Food - Made a sumptuous Chocolate Torte with the boys Tuesday night - they seemed very impressed and it wins this summer's dessert of the year top spot

Economics - Should have put a bet on the Interest rate staying the same - mind you - I might put a bet on it stay the same for the next 3 quarters too ...

Entertainment - Red or Black = worst. gameshow. evaaa

Word of the week: Prudence

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