Saturday, 15 September 2012

47 reasons why I don't drink

I have to start by saying that anyone can do what they want and that I only try to stop people from specifically binge drinking - you can go get as merry as you like! Secondly, not all reasons cover all alcoholic beverages, some overlap and may offend you - there are some good reasons not to drink such as rape and religion that aren't relevant to me, but they are valid none the less

If any reasons need explaining them message me below - so, in the order I thought of them:

1) Cost, 2) Smell, 3) Taste, 4) Bad Breathe, 5) My Reputation, 
6) Being an example to the young, 7) Being Sick, 8) Becoming Ill, 9) Hangovers, 
10) Clubs are full of pretentious dicks, 11) People keep asking if I want a drink, 
12) Loss of self control and balance, 13) Emotionally draining, 14) Slows down my brain, 
15) Could be having real fun, 16) Could be learning something useful, 
17) The way alcohol is branded, 18) Increased risk of death, 19) Increased risk of injury, 
20) I don't need my inhibitions lowered, 21) I don't want to get in any habits, 
22) Increased risk of alcoholism later on in life, 23) Keeping valuables safe, 
24) Any medicinal defects, 25) 'Beer Belly' or getting fatter, 26) Effects on the liver, 
27) Fear of addiction, 28) Memory loss, 29) Effects on sleep, 30) Effects on intelligence, 
31) Slower reactions, 32) Slurred speech, 33) Dehydration, 34) Fainting/blackout, 
35) Hinders my growth while I'm young, 36) Regrets the next day, 37) Risk of drink driving,
38) Worse future employment prospects, 39) Risk of getting spiked, 40) It's a poison, 
41) Self respect, 42) Decrease in anxiety, 43) Loss of pride, 44) Decrease in honesty, 
45) Less trustworthy, 46) Losing my integrity, 47) decreased self worth

I'm sure there are more reasons I can't think of, but when you ask me 'why don't you drink?' you now know why - in full - the unedited uncensored version

Worst excuses for drinking:
1) 'Because everyone else does!' - These people shouldn't be populating the planet, seriously, stop breeding - and breathing
2) 'It's Social!' - so is a suicide pact! You can play card games, have campfires and fish without being a risk to yourself and others
3) 'It lowers your inhibitions!' - I can't deny this, but surely you're ignoring the underlying problem that you lack self confidence?? It means you're probably the sort of person to actually write 'I'm a confident person' on your CV - that means you're also an idiot

Considering a lot of people reading this are students, with no mortgage or short term debts, no 9-5 job and no children, you might have a car, a TV, a mobile phone, a computer, food to eat, a warm bed every night and friends and family around you to love you, you have little reason to relieve stress that doesn't exist - So why exactly, might I ask, do YOU drink?

Friday, 14 September 2012

Freshers Beware!

Some people might be at university already, but if this is your first year, here's some handy advice from kitchen K179, Mill Hall, Brunel:

Food - Bulk Buy ingredients to last forever, cook from scratch and make group meals, this is where you can save a lot of money and try to limit the amount of processed late night pizzas as you can, look after your bodies! Eat well and stock up on cheap biscuits for the winter

Join clubs and Societies - You will have a Freshers Fair with every society to join, throw yourself at whatever you have a vague interest in, it doesn't matter if you don't join, just try something new!

Get to know everyone on your floor - Important for security but also great to expand your friendship group, don't forget that you're probably in accommodation with the finest young minds in your year, so increase your contacts and get to know these fascinating people :)

Washing and Cleaning - Get on top of it from day one, and particularly at weekends when the cleaners aren't in, you DO NOT want to live in filthy conditions

Student Elections - These come around once a year, if politics is your thing, give it a go!

Treat it like a job - Don't ever forget what you're paying for, your degree is important and the first year can be considered if you have a placement year, work 9-5 and play at night

Get a placement year - This experience can put you ahead of the pack come the end of your degree, ask your tutor for more information

Maybe get a part time job - You'll be grateful for the the extra money, and you'll probably have the free time to do it, get some experience on your CV and maybe volunteer as often as you can at university

Money - Try give yourself a basic budget and keep to it, if you find it difficult then give yourself £5 a day, then the next month reduce it to £4 a day, until you reach a minimum budget to survive off

Nights Out - Make them special occasions, stick to birthdays and big nights out, if you're pre-drinking then buy larger bottles at cheaper prices, look out for offers and learn to consume what you've bought over a period of time

Throw yourself at Freshers Week - but remember - Be Safe!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The most underwhelming iPhone yet

The iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest and most underwhelming Apple product to date.

Apple continue to improve their iPhone, which they have, I wont deny it. The 4G LTE Network is up to date  with their competitors. They have chopped away 20% of the phone to make it thinner and lighter, but still fit your hand comfortably. Gaming has been improved with a larger retina display and the same great App Store to choose from and a new faster processor will greatly improve performance.

But I cant help but feel the battery life hasn't been improved enough and they could still make the phone a little wider. The biggest problem is that it hasn't been redesigned much and feels like it's a product made by men in sheds; it should have been designed by kids with crayons and given turbo charged plasma thrusters.

I would expect Apple to be starting to think about the iPhone 6 already, whether that be released in 1 or 2 years time. I'm expecting a new 5G Network with a 5'' screen on a completely newly designed outer casing made entirely of glass. A 12 mega pixel camera on both the back and front of the device, with at least a 24 hour battery life powered by an A8 processor. It will be another 20% lighter.

Somehow I don't think Apple will listen to my demands, but if their 12 million loyal fan boys started to wince at their latest development - they might have to think big next time round.

7/10 - Needs more dragons

Premier League Predictions - Week 4

Norwich 0-0 West Ham / Bore draw. Might be a good game for the goalkeepers

Arsenal 3-1 Southampton / Arsenal to cruise through this one, Cazorla to score twice

Aston Villa 0-2 Swansea / Laudrup's Swansea should get a point from this, Villa player sent off?

Fulham 0-3 West Brom / Clarke for manager of the month, Long to score

Man Utd 2-0 Wigan / It could be 4 or 5 but missing RVP and Rooney won't stop Utd winning at OT

QPR 0-2 Chelsea / The game might be in shadow of the next instalment of Ferdinand Vs Terry

Stoke 1-2 Man City / City to scrape victory and fail to keep a clean sheet for the forth consecutive week

Sunderland 2-2 Liverpool / An emotional week for Anfield but Sunderland to hold on for a point

Reading 1-0 Tottenham / AVB to fall short again at the Madejski giving the Royals their first win

Everton 2-2 Newcastle / Reasonably even game but Newcastle could edge it

Monday, 10 September 2012

That Darn Sasquatch - Here There Be Monsters

Yeah - I do EP reviews now:

Sasquatch are my mates' band that I've known for years, made of 100g of Stan, 200fl. oz. of Robin, some diced Kyle and a generous dollop of Dean. Hmm ... Dollop of Dean. Paha - Dollop ... anyway ...

Firstly, listening through as I type, it is very well produced. It's also well written and thought through, displaying a depth of musical prowess with Red Hot Chili hooks and flowing melodies which glide effortlessly from start to finish. That sentence was lovely! Ahem er ... some songs on the new EP are still reasonably new, even to the faithful Sasquatchers, with a completely new acoustic version of Up The Wall. This has the same feel as Busted's acoustic of Thunderbirds or half of Bowling for Soup's discography.

I'm not usually a fan of the whiny love song about your first crush in high school, but forgetting the creepy heavy breathing from Kyle, the tracks were created in the band's image, it's hearty and their sound is unique. The music has personality and depth to it, it's layered like a sponge cake, but its been made with funky jam and creamy riffs, sandwiched between Robin's turkey drumsticks with a side of BBQ Bass and cheesy vocals!!

It's a genuinely very good debut and leaves a lot to be expected for the future :)

Look up their FB page for more!

New Season

Premier League Prediction 2012/13:

1) Chelsea
2) Man Utd
3) Man City
4) Arsenal
5) Everton
6) Spurs
7) Liverpool
8) Newcastle
9) Fulham
10) Swansea
11) Sunderland
12) West Brom
13) Stoke
14) Villa
15) Wigan
16) QPR
17) Reading
18) Southampton
19) West Ham
20) Norwich

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Gloom of May

This might end up being a moan, but changing my blog design has instantly cheered me up!

Exams will have many people FBing how terrible their lives are and I guess I'm doing the same in this blog, Except I think my exams are leaving my brain starved of something to do. Saying this my exams seem so mind-numbingly easy to revise for I'm hardly bothering, which means I don't do as well as I should (Some would call this failure but my pet hatred for exaggeration should be left to another blog, possibly straight after this one). There's just no real life application or challenge to it - I'm currently meant to be memorising the answers to 300+ multiple choice questions for Macro-Economics. The 60 we get asked will be a mixture of new and current questions and frankly I cba.

Professional work is not on the table right now (and therefore not an issue, unless you're the sort of person who is happy to work 9-6 every day for minimum wage, then you're just the by product of a system you didn't create, working for someone else as their little bitch ... maybe I'le leave this one for another blog as well) but I do look forward to the money-spinning aspect of entrepreneurship. Making money has never been a problem I guess, but finding what to spend it on is a big, big, BIG issue for me, honestly, I find myself mentally trapped between feeling good about having money but not wanting to spend it and spending it all on consumption and feeling depressed that I have no money left.

When I left for uni it was meant to be a fresh start, but I was left 'on hold' for a while until I could get there. This frustrated me and something similar is happening now. I have to wait until after exams again before people will be back to play football, this frustrates me. I will wait patiently for a car over this summer, but again, this mentally frustrates me. Waiting. Precious time being wasted because of circumstance I cannot control. I find myself predicting what's going to happen when and my brain wants to be fed some unpredictability! I'm constantly in a higher state of consciousness because I don't drink, I'm starting to understand why people drink now (but it's still associated with a lifestyle I don't agree with - those who know me well will agree this is DEFINITELY for another blog).

The key to happiness seems to be lowering your awareness of what is happening, when really we should be focusing on what we want in our lives and making it happen. I regularly ask myself 'What If...' and it drives me insane - I then become anxious and may stress over nothing more than a philosophical argument in my head, knowing I cannot describe what I feel like to others. I'm growing bitter, and have my own opinions why; I think I have to be careful not to (what is so affectionately described by so many as) 'turn in to your dad'. I just can't accept this - I know it's deeper than that - I'm starting to feel slightly anxious that in my 30s I would have forgotten how to enjoy myself at all.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

30 Day Song Challenge

The New FB 30 day Song Challenge - That I still cba to do in 30 days:

1. Favourite song with a colour in the title - Muse / Super Massive Black Hole

2. Favourite cover song - The Prodigy / Voodoo people (Pendulum Mix)

3. Oldest song you love - Brian Eno / An Ending (Ascent) / 1983

4. Newest/most modern song you love - DJ Fresh / Hot Right Now

5. Favourite slow song - William Orbit / Adagio for Strings

6. Song by someone you'd like to marry - Chase & Status (feat. Delilah) / Time - This took a while to find :/ Very male orientated iPod it would seem :/

7. Song you hate - Nicky Minaj / Stupid Hoe
(and by extension the entirety of the mainstream / pop industry)

8. Song you sang the wrong lyrics to for ages - Red Hot Chili Peppers / Snow (Hey Oh)

9. Song by your favourite band/artist - The Prodigy / Narayan

10. Band you wish were still together - Oasis

11. Song you're embarrassed to like - LMFAO

12. Song that has to be played LOUD - The Prodigy / Smack My Bitch Up

13. Song that you air guitar to every time you hear it - Muse / Knights of Cydonia

14. First song you ever bought - Gorillaz / Dare (Not too sure on this one, I think that was the first CD I bought)

15. Favourite solo/instrumental - Gluten King / Junkie XL (Music used in Sims 3 I might add)

16. Song that describes you - Pendulum / Encoder

17. Song from your favourite album - Fat of the Land / The Prodigy / Breathe

18. Favourite song with a number in the title - Daft Punk / One More Time

19. Song you used to like and now you don't - Most Commercial Dance Tracks tbh

20. Song that reminds you of someone - The Prodigy / Their Law (Char!)

21. Song you like from an atrist you don't like - Nero / Crush On You

22. Song you can't listen to without singing - Muse / New Born

23. Funniest song - Lil Deuce Deuce / I Like Trains!!!!!!!!

24. Underrated song - The Chemical Brothers / Believe

25. Best vocals - Adele / Anything she's sung

26. Best intro to a song - Knife Party / Internet Friends (This was bloody difficult, SOOO many good intros!!)

27. Favourite song with a person's name in the title - Gorillaz / Clint Eastwood

28. Song you think everyone should have to listen to - The Cinematic Orchestra / To Build a Home

29. Artist you wish were still alive - Louis Armstrong

30. Your favourite song - The Chemical Brothers / Don't Think

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Uses for a box - PART II

I got 34 - The best I've heard is 89 from Laura :)

250+   Fuck off and die!!
...        ...
75+     Extremely Creative, Will discover secret to eternal life and not die
50-74  Very Creative - Amazing in bed and will eventually die
25-49  Creative, Will die happy
16-24  Average - Will die boring
6-15    Probably worthy of life... just
...        ...
0-5     You're pathetic and should probably die

Uses for a box

Weekly Challenge: Take 20 minutes to think of as many uses for a box as you can (no limits) - message me back with your number of answers and I'le let you know what I think it means fairly soon :)

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hedonistic Blogosphere (of death)

The Blog's back. And it's because my thoughts need more than 140 characters to succinctly describe what's going on in my head right now. I stopped Blogging in September because it was dull having to come up with a regimented Blog every 9 days - pragmatic hedonistic thought can help produce something exciting and new and free minds from the restriction of a social system they didn't create

I don't agree with stuff. Obviously. And it's not just A Flash Flood of Colour, it's Education and Money.

Yh I'm a little better off than most students, but the fact is I don't agree with money at all, our dependency on 'I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ...' should be 'I promise to do X for you as long as you do Y for me' - we live in a society that forces you in to greed for more as I have only just realised in the past few weeks that I don't need a multi million pound complex for a house but rather a small plot of land a football pitch.

And now my biggest hate right now:
After a few months of ups and downs I'm still unsure where my degree will take me and whether it is really going to get me that great a job - I feel restricted in my choices and opportunities of how to get a well paid job in Economics that requires creative thinking and doesn't involve office work - there are some fantastic 'RSA animate' on YouTube that explain exactly what is wrong with our educational system, so just to summarize, teens shouldn't be taught in age groups but by their ability in those subjects, I think we should be taught how to 1) Read 2) Write 3) Count from a young age - I am not going to argue changing Primary education atm - however, Secondary Education should involve some core skills and only the subjects that YOU the student has chosen to take, from day 1 of year 7 you should be made aware of what options you have and a big list of subjects you can choose (similar to current GCSE or Alevel etc.) - this way by year 8 you only attend subjects you are really interested in, because lets face it - most teenagers sit down after school and do what they want i.e what they are interested in - What person, let alone teenager, wouldn't want to live their life like this?! This system allows people's minds to expand thus producing happier more productive kids engaged in what they enjoy (which is what they will end up doing with their lives anyway) - You might be thinking how this will work in terms of employment  - I would assume high levels of attendance = Interested and engaged in that subject + extra curricular activities means they are in the top 15% in the country let's say - for example, if you play video games all day, go in to school and learn about video games in 'Video Game Studies' where you learn how to program computer games from age 11 you can leave with the relivant qualification and begin uni at 15 - for those sitting there thinking 'people won't turn up to most subjects' well maybe they wont but atleast they are turning up to what they are interested in, subjects or classes they WILL definately make a career out of and become brilliant at - I feel it is a waste of time to let any person do a subject they are not interested in - effectively cutting out years 8 and 9 entirely so you can focus your mind on what you want to do from an early age - I wish I had this educational system so I could become better qualified at what I enjoy

The most succinct sentence I can draw from atm is a quote from Albert Einstein:
"Everyone is born a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will think for the rest of it's life that it is stupid"
I feel we can learn something from this and teach future generations what they enjoy from an early age