Thursday, 19 January 2012

Hedonistic Blogosphere (of death)

The Blog's back. And it's because my thoughts need more than 140 characters to succinctly describe what's going on in my head right now. I stopped Blogging in September because it was dull having to come up with a regimented Blog every 9 days - pragmatic hedonistic thought can help produce something exciting and new and free minds from the restriction of a social system they didn't create

I don't agree with stuff. Obviously. And it's not just A Flash Flood of Colour, it's Education and Money.

Yh I'm a little better off than most students, but the fact is I don't agree with money at all, our dependency on 'I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of ...' should be 'I promise to do X for you as long as you do Y for me' - we live in a society that forces you in to greed for more as I have only just realised in the past few weeks that I don't need a multi million pound complex for a house but rather a small plot of land a football pitch.

And now my biggest hate right now:
After a few months of ups and downs I'm still unsure where my degree will take me and whether it is really going to get me that great a job - I feel restricted in my choices and opportunities of how to get a well paid job in Economics that requires creative thinking and doesn't involve office work - there are some fantastic 'RSA animate' on YouTube that explain exactly what is wrong with our educational system, so just to summarize, teens shouldn't be taught in age groups but by their ability in those subjects, I think we should be taught how to 1) Read 2) Write 3) Count from a young age - I am not going to argue changing Primary education atm - however, Secondary Education should involve some core skills and only the subjects that YOU the student has chosen to take, from day 1 of year 7 you should be made aware of what options you have and a big list of subjects you can choose (similar to current GCSE or Alevel etc.) - this way by year 8 you only attend subjects you are really interested in, because lets face it - most teenagers sit down after school and do what they want i.e what they are interested in - What person, let alone teenager, wouldn't want to live their life like this?! This system allows people's minds to expand thus producing happier more productive kids engaged in what they enjoy (which is what they will end up doing with their lives anyway) - You might be thinking how this will work in terms of employment  - I would assume high levels of attendance = Interested and engaged in that subject + extra curricular activities means they are in the top 15% in the country let's say - for example, if you play video games all day, go in to school and learn about video games in 'Video Game Studies' where you learn how to program computer games from age 11 you can leave with the relivant qualification and begin uni at 15 - for those sitting there thinking 'people won't turn up to most subjects' well maybe they wont but atleast they are turning up to what they are interested in, subjects or classes they WILL definately make a career out of and become brilliant at - I feel it is a waste of time to let any person do a subject they are not interested in - effectively cutting out years 8 and 9 entirely so you can focus your mind on what you want to do from an early age - I wish I had this educational system so I could become better qualified at what I enjoy

The most succinct sentence I can draw from atm is a quote from Albert Einstein:
"Everyone is born a genius, but if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will think for the rest of it's life that it is stupid"
I feel we can learn something from this and teach future generations what they enjoy from an early age

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