Friday, 14 September 2012

Freshers Beware!

Some people might be at university already, but if this is your first year, here's some handy advice from kitchen K179, Mill Hall, Brunel:

Food - Bulk Buy ingredients to last forever, cook from scratch and make group meals, this is where you can save a lot of money and try to limit the amount of processed late night pizzas as you can, look after your bodies! Eat well and stock up on cheap biscuits for the winter

Join clubs and Societies - You will have a Freshers Fair with every society to join, throw yourself at whatever you have a vague interest in, it doesn't matter if you don't join, just try something new!

Get to know everyone on your floor - Important for security but also great to expand your friendship group, don't forget that you're probably in accommodation with the finest young minds in your year, so increase your contacts and get to know these fascinating people :)

Washing and Cleaning - Get on top of it from day one, and particularly at weekends when the cleaners aren't in, you DO NOT want to live in filthy conditions

Student Elections - These come around once a year, if politics is your thing, give it a go!

Treat it like a job - Don't ever forget what you're paying for, your degree is important and the first year can be considered if you have a placement year, work 9-5 and play at night

Get a placement year - This experience can put you ahead of the pack come the end of your degree, ask your tutor for more information

Maybe get a part time job - You'll be grateful for the the extra money, and you'll probably have the free time to do it, get some experience on your CV and maybe volunteer as often as you can at university

Money - Try give yourself a basic budget and keep to it, if you find it difficult then give yourself £5 a day, then the next month reduce it to £4 a day, until you reach a minimum budget to survive off

Nights Out - Make them special occasions, stick to birthdays and big nights out, if you're pre-drinking then buy larger bottles at cheaper prices, look out for offers and learn to consume what you've bought over a period of time

Throw yourself at Freshers Week - but remember - Be Safe!

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