Monday, 10 September 2012

That Darn Sasquatch - Here There Be Monsters

Yeah - I do EP reviews now:

Sasquatch are my mates' band that I've known for years, made of 100g of Stan, 200fl. oz. of Robin, some diced Kyle and a generous dollop of Dean. Hmm ... Dollop of Dean. Paha - Dollop ... anyway ...

Firstly, listening through as I type, it is very well produced. It's also well written and thought through, displaying a depth of musical prowess with Red Hot Chili hooks and flowing melodies which glide effortlessly from start to finish. That sentence was lovely! Ahem er ... some songs on the new EP are still reasonably new, even to the faithful Sasquatchers, with a completely new acoustic version of Up The Wall. This has the same feel as Busted's acoustic of Thunderbirds or half of Bowling for Soup's discography.

I'm not usually a fan of the whiny love song about your first crush in high school, but forgetting the creepy heavy breathing from Kyle, the tracks were created in the band's image, it's hearty and their sound is unique. The music has personality and depth to it, it's layered like a sponge cake, but its been made with funky jam and creamy riffs, sandwiched between Robin's turkey drumsticks with a side of BBQ Bass and cheesy vocals!!

It's a genuinely very good debut and leaves a lot to be expected for the future :)

Look up their FB page for more!

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