Thursday, 13 September 2012

The most underwhelming iPhone yet

The iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest and most underwhelming Apple product to date.

Apple continue to improve their iPhone, which they have, I wont deny it. The 4G LTE Network is up to date  with their competitors. They have chopped away 20% of the phone to make it thinner and lighter, but still fit your hand comfortably. Gaming has been improved with a larger retina display and the same great App Store to choose from and a new faster processor will greatly improve performance.

But I cant help but feel the battery life hasn't been improved enough and they could still make the phone a little wider. The biggest problem is that it hasn't been redesigned much and feels like it's a product made by men in sheds; it should have been designed by kids with crayons and given turbo charged plasma thrusters.

I would expect Apple to be starting to think about the iPhone 6 already, whether that be released in 1 or 2 years time. I'm expecting a new 5G Network with a 5'' screen on a completely newly designed outer casing made entirely of glass. A 12 mega pixel camera on both the back and front of the device, with at least a 24 hour battery life powered by an A8 processor. It will be another 20% lighter.

Somehow I don't think Apple will listen to my demands, but if their 12 million loyal fan boys started to wince at their latest development - they might have to think big next time round.

7/10 - Needs more dragons


  1. While i'm not partial to Apple's products, some of the problems you have outlined are actually well placed design decisions. Mainly the width of the screen. New big screened smart phones like the S3 and one x is how hard it is to use it with one hand without straining your thumb, keeping the same width gives you easy reach of the whole screen along with more screen, win/win. The camera is great because of the optics, if they forced a 12mp mobile sensor into it, they'd have to re do all of the work on the brilliant optics again (focusing and crap) and all for the gain of a few extra pixels which dont really amount to anything in terms of picture quality, just how big you can blow up the picture, and past the resolution of their retina displays on their laptops (which is less than 8 mega pixels) not many displays exist so theres not much point in going bigger if no one has the equipment to few the pictures on. The LTE network is just being rolled out in the UK, following america and is simply a faster version of 3G so you can get on the internet faster when your out. As with battery life they have achieved something that not many companies can. Being able to be used all day while supporting the performance of the new A6 chip, (which is presumed to be a quad core A9 or the first cortex A15) is good and means that the phone will be faster and used for longer than competitors. As for the design of the thing - its a tried and tested and somewhat perfected formula that works so they stick to it - common sense. Very refined and it just works which is what apple is all about. Kids with crayons and plasma thrusters belong to the likes of samsung or htc with their brilliantly fast but ultimately un-refined products.

    1. I never criticised the A6 processor or the LTE Network and think the screen can be made wider without it being uncomfortable to use - 12mp can be added to the Mac and thus supporting the increase in pixels - Battery life should be made up to a week by the end of the decade IMO - I agree with you a lot but was expecting Apple to redefine their own boundaries, it just feels like they're not evolving as quickly as they could

  2. You know this is the first time they've ever actually made the screen bigger? I agree that Apple hype up some features rather unnecessarily – I watched a bit of the conference and this guy was getting seriously excited by the fact that old apps would still work on the iPhone even if they hadn't been updated for the new screen – but I'm really not sure how anyone could have expected even more from them. Smartphones have a limited battery life, that's the same with all smartphones. What's actually really impressive is that they've managed to extend the battery life slightly whilst *also* making it smaller *and* increasing the speed and power of the phone.

    The technology you're expecting just doesn't exist yet. If you want a battery that lasts up to a week, then the whole thing would be about five times the size.

    And honestly, I don't know how anyone would fit it into their pocket comfortably, let alone hold it in the hand if it were any bigger. Smart phones were made fun of a bit when they first started appearing because people looked really ridiculous when they were on the phone with them, since they were so huge.

  3. I applied to work at Apple and their attention to detail is magnificent - I can appreciate the iPhone 5 for what it is but a lot of people just aren't excited by it - I think the 4S was unnecessary and if this model came out instead I would have been overwhelmed! - I saw that bit of the conference too with the blacked out sides, seems like they took too much care in things people at the very least wouldn't appreciate such as making the grooves with diamond cutters or whatever they were - I admit the tech doesn't exist yet but Apple could have tried to develop a two day battery for now and let the week long battery be in the back of their heads for iPhone 9