Monday, 13 May 2013


Well that was unexpected.

A cool west coast vibe strings through Random Access Memories, heavy on session musicians topped with light electro clicks and pulses. It glides elegantly; its hooks and melodies keep your mind entranced with the occasional contributor softly guiding you through this particular story. High quality production as always, it dazzles and sparkles with glitter and groove. A wash of orchestral euphoria surrounds you, only to place you in a sea of digital jazz. It ends in triumph! The crescendo of Contact ascends uncontrollably to a climax, leaving you adrift on a cloud of reminiscence of an era before you were born. 

I feel sadness. Daft Punk have said themselves they have gone full circle, back to Disco, because EDM sounds like shite now. With their signature on the cover, it feels like they're saying goodbye, one last hurrah before they hang up their masks for good. And you know what? I'm ok with this. Maybe they're right. Maybe it is time for music to move on. We'll find new genres we haven't heard of before, made by artists who could scarcely peak the crest of Parisian electro house. Perhaps they will tour - perhaps they will record an Alive 2017 - perhaps they haven't cast themselves in to the shadows just yet - who knows.

To Thomas and Guy-Man, I thank you, for taking me around the world - one more time.

Status: Vinyl

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