Tuesday, 24 March 2015

The Day Is My Enemy

It sounds like the sort of music people who wear hats would like.

50 shades of Trilby, the sixth instalment from the Prodigy, dismisses the cries that 'it sounds just like Invaders' by creating a car crash of all previous albums with added drum and bass, trap and dubstep. 

This is a slower album, from the electro flutes of Experience and the industrial big beats of FotL, to the vocals of AONO and the high pitched whirrrrrs of 2009's IMD, TDIME presents tracks like Beyond the Deathray as a throw back to Weather Experience and Omen Reprise.

The band have recently been quoted as to being fans of Slaves and you can see why. Not because this album sounds anything like Slaves, but it's full of pent up working class aggression against the incumbent dance scene and all it stands for, epitomised by Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods.

In many ways, TDIME has a classic Prodigy sound I always expected from them, but never actually heard until now.

So put your flat cap on, and take a night on out in to Essex.

U wot mate?

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